Saturday, November 10, 2012

Moving the Budgie-Boys

Moving the Budgie-Boys was as seamless as moving Coco.... almost... !

We rented the moving truck for three days:  

Day one would be for loading and moving boxes.  

Day two we had lined up a strapping-male friend who would help with heavier boxes and furniture including Fort Coco.  

Day three would be for everything else that required a moving truck.  Thereafter, we spent the rest of the week making trips back and forth in the pickup truck to move the remaining items.

What is it they say about the best-laid plans?  Day one we got off to a bad start when the moving truck, filled with boxes from stem to stern, promptly refused to start!

Five hours and two mechanics later, the U-Haul company determined the problem and got us back on the road... at 9:00 pm.  My husband and I unloaded the boxes, returned to the old house, and spent our last night there with the birds and Barney.

The following morning it was time to move the birds and the furniture and anything else that was heavy or bulky.  With the truck back in operation, everything went smoothly.  But it was a long tiring day.  I made the decision to wait one more day before moving the Budgie-Boys, and spent the night sleeping at the new house with Coco and Barney.  The Budgie-Boys were safe in their "travel cage" which was Sammy's old cage and in actuality quite large.  Well, smaller than their Budgie-Mansion, but certainly comfortable enough.

With everything having been moved out of the bird room, I decided to put the Budgie-Boys' downstairs in the piano room so that the following morning I could quickly move them to the new house.  I believe that decision resulted in my discovery the following morning... 

Ooops... Strider was missing his tail and one entire wing!  

Penske and Bucky made it through the night fine, it was obvious that Strider had suffered a night-fright.  I felt so bad for him, since flight is such an integral part of the Boy's lives.  Yet he  quickly became an expert 'hopper', and easily  found ways to maneuver around the budgie enclosure despite his temporary handicap.  

In less than six weeks, he was once again fully flighted and tailed.  And for Penske and Bucky's part, they tried their best never to let Strider see them snickering...!

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