Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Bird Room Gets Ambience

Since discovering that Coco appears to be reacting to the increased dust and decreased humidity of the winter season, I have focused on increasing steam baths as well as making environmental adjustments.

For the time being, fifteen minute steam baths will be held on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. Additionally:

1) I will be purchasing a warm-air humidifier and a hygrometer (an instrument to measure humidity).

2) This evening, I set up a fountain in the bird room. It will provide some additional moisture, acts as a night light and certainly increases the room's ambience factor!

3) I picked up some GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) at the organic grocery. Drops were added to the fountain water to discourage germ growth.

4) I will be placing an order for F10 Biocare which I will use when cleaning the fountain and humidifier. This broad-spectrum disinfectant can also be used for nasal flushes and in a nebulizer. I hope I never need to check out the specific directions for these uses!

F10 is an interesting product. Here is a link to its fact sheet: Disinfectant Data.

5) Finally, I picked up a fresh bottle of Hemp Seed Oil. Yes, Hemp Seed Oil has a 'best used by/expiration date' on it! (Remember to keep it refrigerated.)
I will be adding a few extra drops of hemp seed oil to Coco's diet. This is easy to do by tossing some into her vegetables, legumes, greens or mixing it into a nut butter.
It is also great in human dishes such as pasta or spinach salad, as a dressing or on soft bread sticks with some herbs!

I had a busy 'bird' day, and still need to make a decision on which humidifier to purchase. Time to sit by the fountain with the birds and relax!

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Arlene said...

How did I miss this?! That fountain is a fabulous idea and I love it.

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