Thursday, June 16, 2011

When Green Equals Brown !

Coco was in the mood for a bath tonight, and decided to get fully soaked!
She has been molting for a few weeks, as have been the budgies, so as you can imagine, the bird room is 'well feathered'! In fact, it looks like a small feather pillow exploded in the room.With the number of feathers lost during a molt, one might wonder why the bird is not naked. But when put in perspective, we realize a bird has thousands of feathers, and not every one of them is even replaced during a given molt.

Once bath time is over, it's time to drip-dry! Even when soaked to the skin, it only takes an hour or two for Coco to fully dry. It is a time she enjoys, rezipping all the feathers and putting things back into place. But she also likes having a little snack during dry-time.

And then when she is freshly dry after a shower, she shines with the brilliance of the sun!

I think this mohawk 'doo suits me well, don't you!

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Anonymous said...

I was going to mention about her fashionable hairdo :)
BTW, at least 3 of my budgies are molting as well. I cannot keep up with vacuuming.

Does Coco have a certain after-bath routine?
My lovebird runs to the nearest rope perch and starts wiping his beak vigorously, and a few mins later does the flying thing while holding onto a perch.
Green-cheek conure runs to a sleeping basket (lined with a litte blankie) and hides there for a while. During that time I can see her mohawk hairdo at times. :)


phonelady61 said...

Coco is beautiful and yep mine do the same thing in the water . Gotta love the mohawk.

Robin Cherkas said...

Actually, Nika, Coco loves to rub her beak on her cement perch several times immediately following her shower! Then she will do several full body shakes,get a snack, and then start preening!

Arlene said...

Isn't it great seeing them enjoy their bath. Is she especially tired after her routine?

I don't know, but you sure look rough and ready with that mohawk Coco. :D

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