Monday, April 25, 2011

Coco Trying a New Food Item

This video, filmed just prior to the video of the budgie boys, shows Coco getting in on some healthy eating action of her own!

She has always been a fairly good eater, usually willing to try new foods with some encouragement. When introducing new foods, consider the following:

1. Offer a new food along with existing recognizable favorites.

2. Offer a new food several days in a row. Do not give up if it is initially snubbed.

3. Variety and presentation is critical when it comes to acceptance. Offer the new food minced, diced, chopped, chunked, grated, raw, cooked and cooled, pureed, etc.

4. If possible, allow the bird to watch the food preparation process while you "talk it up".

5. Consider adding a new food to a favorite mash base such as sweet potato or mashed beans.

6. Many parrots love birdie bread. This can be a method for introducing a new item, increasing nutrition and even using up pellet crumbs. (Just collect them each day, and refrigerate them until it is time to add them to the batter.)

The mix in this video contained brown rice, organic hydroponically grown bibb lettuce, a small amount of thinly sliced apple, and one new item (rottini pasta made from carrot). Enjoy!

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Anneka said...

Coco, you are adorable. I loved watching her eat and then very slowly climb up and walk around her fort.
She enjoyed that apple, didn't she?

phonelady said...

Mine really love grapes more than apples. they love sweet potatoes and birdie bread .

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