Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coco Eating Palm Nuts and Pandanus!

Coco received a super treat today... a delivery of fan palm nuts and pandanus fruit from The Cozy Nestbox in Miami, Florida. I was so anxious to see her reaction to these tropical delights!

First things first.... wash and rinse as I would any other produce:

What exactly is that new thing you want me to try???

Well, maybe just a little taste.....
Hey, not bad... not bad at all! Thanks!!!
I'll take a little more of that, please!

Quite unique! I love the orange fleshy part!

This is Coco enjoying the pandanus fruit, a true tropical treat! It is a fibrous fruit, and the birds take great efforts to peel and remove the outer husk to reach the prized inner nut:
Pandanus fruit, and palm nuts of all varieties, provide loads of enrichment. The pandanus fruit, in particular, may take a day or two of work before a bird reaches the inner nutty reward.

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phonelady said...

wow I just love coco and how pretty she is . Im glad she enjoyed the fruits of her labor , pardon the pun .

Robin Cherkas said...

She says 'thank you', and I think she for sure is enjoying her labor! A busy beak is a happy (and quiet) beak! :D

Arlene said...

Coco is not one to turn down a treat is she. :D
I love in the video how she stretches up as if to say "oh boy that's good!"
And this is the first time I saw pandanus too.

louara said...

Oh wow! Did she ever love that nut! Her face lit up like a Christmas tree when she bit into it. She took to it like a fish to water. That is quite the haul you got Robin. Is it Coco's birthday? Looks like she is ready to host a big party with all that good food :)

HungryBird said...

Malachite just tried palm nuts for the first time ever and he loves them!

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