Thursday, April 21, 2011

Budgie-Boys Expanding Their Cuisine!

The budgie-boys are better than most when it comes to eating. In addition to a high quality, organic seed blend that I mix myself, they will eat grains and beans. They have not, however, been terribly keen on vegetables and fruit with the exception of a little carrot and an occasional bite of apple.

So last night I made them a bowl of brown rice, thinly sliced apple and shredded, organic, hydroponically grown bibb lettuce! I tell you the bibb lettuce is really delicious, and I had hoped to get them interested in the world of greens by starting with the bibb lettuce.

After 10 minutes of being curious, but hesitant... finally.... all 3 were willing to eat. And eat big they did! And they also finished a bowl of the same mixture tonight. The video below shows the fruit of my labor (pardon the pun), with all of them really enjoying the entire mixture. A little seed was sprinkled on top to pique their interest.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as they enjoyed their new cuisine!

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Jim Stewart said...

Cute! Nice to see budgies eating something besides seed.
I see they're not spoiled. :-)

Robin Cherkas said...

Thanks; well they do enjoy their grains and beans, but I am very excited at the possibility of introducing some seriously healthy greens into the repertoire! :D

phonelady said...

are'nt they adorable ? glad you got them to eat .

Arlene said...

I know what they were thinking. YAY! Mom's got the goodie bowl!
They are a happy little group aren't they. It's always a good feeling to know that they enjoy something that's actually good for them.
Good job boys. :)

Anneka said...

Perfect example of how ALL captive birds should live: fully flighted, with plenty of space to live (not in a cage) and eating healthy.

louara said...

Such good boys they are, sharing all that goodness!

louara said...

Robin, have you ever offered them zuchinni or green peppers? My budgie loves both of those green vegetables and she prefers eating them in the morning for some reason. The green pepper was an interesting effect on her. Right after she has some she starts flying around like crazy. It is like budgie caffeine.

Robin Cherkas said...

I have never tried them on that, I will definitely give that a go and see if they like it!!!

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