Saturday, February 19, 2011

12 Hours Later...

Just as a reminder:

This was last night at bed time (she looks so 'innocent'):

Twelve hours later:

Are those shark-teeth marks on the edge of that box?!!
*looking around for the next vic- I mean 'box'*.... !



louara said...

Holy cow Coco!
You've been busy haven't you?!

Jim Stewart said...

I see she even made a fancy design on the right front edge. In the last pic it looks like she chewed out the back to fit her body. :-)

She looks healthy and good as always. You must be doing something right! ;-)

Arlene said...

She has quite an imagination when it comes to decorating.
You better go and pick up a hefty supply of boxes. :D

Arlene said...

Maybe she's trying to get to her baby up there. :)

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