Monday, December 27, 2010

The White Christmas Continues!

As of Saturday evening we had 7 inches of the white stuff:
But now we've got over a foot! We lost power on Sunday for 5 hours, for about 30 minutes in the early morning hours of Monday and late Monday morning as well. The internet has been intermittent. All other times the power outages have been brief or simply brown-outs.

Good news - - the generator works just fine! I've been spending a great deal of time in the bird room knitting where the generator is able to maintain the standard room temperature. The generator also ran the radio and the coffee machine, so I was all set!

At first, the birds were a bit taken a back by the noise of the generator, and were quiet. Once they became accustomed to the humming, all returned to normal.

For Coco's part, she was a bit suspicious of the snake-like cords that were used to hook up the portable heaters. So I stayed in the room with her while they were in use just to ensure she did not launch an aerial attack against the offensive snakes!

This is our Ford Ranger, on Sunday, although in the photo it looks more like an F-250!

And then a picture today where we have removed some snow from the side to give a better picture of the additional snowfall overnight:

The snow has stopped falling, and we are not predicted to receive any more. We are experiencing gale force winds, so what is on the ground is being blown in a fashion reminiscent of the arctic tundra. The road crews are having difficulty keeping the main roads clear due to the drifting snow. So we are not expecting to see a snow plow anytime soon and will probably remain on the mountain at least until Wednesday. We have plenty of food, water and fuel, and I am enjoying the extra time with the birds and my knitting needles!



Arlene said...

Well Robin I can't think of a better way to spend time on the mountain. I hope it's smooth sailing. Or smooth shoving. :)

louara said...

Thank goodness you've got those gennys for back up this year. Enjoy the peacefulness and wait for the plows.
We got lucky and the storm is blowing East of us, it sure is a powerful one.

Stay warm!

Be good Barney-don't get lost out there!

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