Thursday, December 16, 2010

What are 3 Birds in the Hand Worth?

What are 3 birds in the hand worth?!


I love these boys more each day... and they bring me so much pleasure just watching them have relay races, chatter with one another, preen and just meditate together!



vi said...

i never tamed my budgies but i love to watch the daily drama of their lives
and my captain cuttle, he is quite the gigolo-today he was with estella, leaving his emma to play with their new toy
mrs fezziwig is still waiting for mr fezziwig

Jim Stewart said...

Too cute! Great photos.

Marianne said...

They ARE great photos!!

Anonymous said...

Millet works every time doesn't it Robin? I love spoiling my sweeties with millet too. :)

Donna Dewey

Anonymous said...

They are soooo beautiful!! I love their habitat. Do they have any "skinny" perches that their feet can easily wrap around? This is very important for bird feet to not always be stretched out. Natural branches are the very best for skinny perches. If you don't have any perhaps a friend would allow you to cut a branch from one of their trees. It does not take much for Budgies. They will appreciate having a natural very small diameter branch to sit on! I love your blog = thanks for posting it!

Tricia from Talk Budgie

Robin Cherkas said...

Thank you, Tricia - yes they have quite a variety of perches in their large fort. My husband and I live on top of a mountain, so we have access to quite a few different safe trees from which perches can be obtained. :)

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