Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Redecorating Continues!

The redecorating project continues! The only question is... when do I replace the cardboard box?

Perhaps when it no longer stands up on its own?!

You will recall a month ago when the redecoration project was in its infancy stages:

Obviously there was much more work to be done!

Fast forward one month, and she continues to seem quite pleased with herself happily showing off her area without hesitation or concern:

She even allows my husband into her area with only a low grumble (always needing to be sure he remembers that entry is permitted only at her specific direction)!

Although excited (especially when I first come home from work), she shows no sign of problematic hormonal behavior. While much focus is on the box, ample time is spent out of the box with customary activities such as foraging, singing and daydreaming.
Coco was happy to see me this evening, but did greet me with a bit of a mess!

You can see a number of items from bottle caps to a shredding toy that received the old 'heave ho' today.
She greedily accepted a favorite treat from my hand: black striped sunflower seeds.
I was able to get off the mountain this morning, with the snow plow having made one pass yesterday and an additional scraping today including an application of sand/salt. As I went down the mountain I passed two vehicles (both 4-wheel drives) that were stuck trying to get up the mountain. Another 4-wheel drive vehicle was spinning and going nowhere at an intersection past the bottom of the mountain - despite being pushed by two burly men.
While I had no problems, for the first time ever I had to use 4-wheel drive 'low' in order to get out of the driveway!

"I'm not sure, but I think I may have missed a piece....!"===============

By the way... anyone need shredding material?! Anyone?!!!


Monday, December 27, 2010

The White Christmas Continues!

As of Saturday evening we had 7 inches of the white stuff:
But now we've got over a foot! We lost power on Sunday for 5 hours, for about 30 minutes in the early morning hours of Monday and late Monday morning as well. The internet has been intermittent. All other times the power outages have been brief or simply brown-outs.

Good news - - the generator works just fine! I've been spending a great deal of time in the bird room knitting where the generator is able to maintain the standard room temperature. The generator also ran the radio and the coffee machine, so I was all set!

At first, the birds were a bit taken a back by the noise of the generator, and were quiet. Once they became accustomed to the humming, all returned to normal.

For Coco's part, she was a bit suspicious of the snake-like cords that were used to hook up the portable heaters. So I stayed in the room with her while they were in use just to ensure she did not launch an aerial attack against the offensive snakes!

This is our Ford Ranger, on Sunday, although in the photo it looks more like an F-250!

And then a picture today where we have removed some snow from the side to give a better picture of the additional snowfall overnight:

The snow has stopped falling, and we are not predicted to receive any more. We are experiencing gale force winds, so what is on the ground is being blown in a fashion reminiscent of the arctic tundra. The road crews are having difficulty keeping the main roads clear due to the drifting snow. So we are not expecting to see a snow plow anytime soon and will probably remain on the mountain at least until Wednesday. We have plenty of food, water and fuel, and I am enjoying the extra time with the birds and my knitting needles!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It is a white Christmas this year!

(view off the deck this morning):

Christmas to all!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Dinner

Mmmm.... mom made me a special Christmas Eve dinner! Adzuki beans and rice! Absolutely delicious.....
Merry Christmas Everyone!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

One Foot Up?

Hey, I'm the first to love a good fairy tale... they offer perspective, and usually teach a life lesson. And, they end with 'happily ever after'!

The bird world has its share of tales, but I will refer to them as 'old bird tales'. They do not teach a valid lesson, end up passing along incorrect information, and potentially harm birds and their companions. They certainly may not end 'happily ever after'! Information is everything, and perpetuating false information is something that gets me riled up.

One of these old bird tales that reared its ugly head this past week on a bird forum is the "one foot up" rule.
"The way to know if your bird is healthy is if they sleep with one foot up and their head tucked back. If so, they are perfectly healthy; no worries. If not, they are very sick!"What? Really? Rubbish!!!

And silly me - I thought we looked for signs such as diarrhea, lethargy, nare discharge.... what was I thinking!

So then, how easy would that be (if true)? Instead of worrying about whether our birds are eating, drinking, their demeanor, their droppings.... skip all that - just watch them sleep! One foot up and head back - no worries... both feet on the perch and head forward.. hurry to the vet! Rubbish (oops... I'm repeating myself again.... I must stop that!)
Anyone who has had birds for any length of time knows that they are each unique, and as humans, they assume a variety of sleep positions. On the side of the enclosure... upside down... foot up, feet down, leaning forward, some even have been known to nap on their back, laying down or in their food bowl!

It is really dangerous for people to go around claiming that this is an accurate predictor of health. It could lull a companion into a false sense of security and change the focus away from other symptoms. On the flip side, someone with a bird that sleeps on both feet or in some non-conforming position could freak out for absolutely no reason.
So to be clear - birds sleep in a variety of ways.... and it is very individual to the bird. One night this way... and perhaps the next night a different way. Now if the bird is sleeping all the time, then that is a different symptom. But to simply look solely to the manner in which a bird sleeps as an accurate predictor of health is to miss the whole picture. Birds are individuals.So, as companions, we should spend our time observing the whole bird, recognizing what is 'normal' for our bird, accounting for individual differences, and watching diligently for symptoms of ill health.... during the daylight!

And they all lived happily ever after!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

What are 3 Birds in the Hand Worth?

What are 3 birds in the hand worth?!


I love these boys more each day... and they bring me so much pleasure just watching them have relay races, chatter with one another, preen and just meditate together!