Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She Tempts Me, She Tempts Me Not?

In the course of my business interactions, today I came across a lady who has a budgie, two cockatiels, an umbrella cockatoo, an African Grey and an Orange Winged Amazon! Now, that's a bird room full! And to top it off, her daughter has a Green Cheeked Amazon. All were hand raised babies, and she seemed to be a caring and knowledgeable companion to her large flock.

Orange Winged Amazons (along with Lilac Crowned Amazons) are generally known to be amongst the calmer of amazons, usually good talkers and make great companion birds:

Beautiful, yes?!

To the untrained eye, Orange Winged Amazons are often confused with Blue Fronted Amazons.

Green Cheeked Amazons (also known as Red Crowned Amazons) also make wonderful companion birds. (I say that as if I think there is any amazon that doesn't make a wonderful companion bird? You know I love them all!)

Just stunning.... !

The client's 16 year old son is the main keeper of the Orange Winged Amazon, and given his age and accompanying activities, apparently the bird has taken a bit of a back seat as of late. It sounded like there had been some cursory thoughts of re-homing. We had quite a wonderful bird conversation which culminating in her asking me if I wanted another amazon.

Oh my!!!

Do I want another amazon? Heck yes!

(I also want to stay married!)

It is quite the coincidence that just the other day hubby and I were discussing how much noise (a good kind of noise) that the budgie-boys make now that they are together. When Strider first came to me via the tree I climbed, he was quite quiet. Moving into the fort and gaining two friends (especially the noise-box Penske) has brought about constant singing and frivolity.

I was commenting that if Coco had an amazon friend, I can only imagine the banter that might ensue! As it is, she has loud vocal contests with the crows and pileated woodpeckers. Additionally, I am fairly convinced that she can hear the yellow fronted amazon that lives about a quarter mile away from our home. There are times I think she is conversing with the neighbor bird!

I certainly have room for many more budgies as well as another parrot. The biggest consideration would be introducing another parrot to Coco, the new bird's ability to transition to cage-free living and whether Coco (or the new bird) would want to share even a large space.

Having the conversation with her was sort of like dreaming about buying an upgraded computer, redecorating the house, or taking a trip to Tahiti. Fun to think about, but perhaps not practical or obtainable. Ah, but ever so tempting.....

I had to say no, of course.... (but, just between me and you, I still have her phone number)!



Danielle (Cannuck) said...

We adopted an orange winged amazon Robin and she transitioned wonderfully! Mag is more thrilled than her but they share the large space and respect the personal space! Just saying... :P

Robin Cherkas said...

Oh, great Danielle.... just pour chocolate on top of my temptation... lol!

Goldielover said...

Maybe because her primary caregiver is a male she might end up absolutely loving the "master fort maker"?

(And how's that for adding to temptation!!!!!)

louara said...

Oh my goodness! A friend for Coco-really?! Are you still thinking about it?
Do you have any worries about Coco being jealous of another parrot? So much to contemplate before making such a big decision and yet so exciting!
That parrot is used to budgies, so no worries there at least.
I know you will do what is best for your family and the parrot-good luck!

Arlene said...

Did you discuss this in length with Miss Coco?

I wonder how she'll react to a new fort mate.
Will she react differently to you if a new bird comes into her fort; and how will she react to another bird sharing your attention?

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that you'll be the best parent.
I wish you tons of luck in deciding. It must be driving you nuts.

Robin Cherkas said...

It might be easier to sell the idea to Coco than to Steve! We talked about it, but it would be quite an upheaval for awhile. So for now, although I'd love to have another zon.... the flock remains at 4. :)

Arlene said...

Well Robin, never give up hope. :)

Flock Advisor said...

That must be a big change for a bird to go from cage living to non-cage living. Sounds like a wonderful concept, though. How long have you been keeping parrots this way?

Robin Cherkas said...

Coco is the first of my parrots to live cage free. She came to me at 3 weeks of age, and is now 14 years old. After she fledged I began transitioning her to cage free by having her in a large cage with the door open 24/7 next to a very large play area in the corner of the room. Then I was able to get rid of the cage. Having the large fort that my husband built that contains all she needs for food foraging, toys, enrichment, etc. is key.

HungryBird said...

Hey someone just left me a link to your blog on my blog because they thought I would like it and I do! I especially love the photos of the food you give your birds.

One small question, what is the black mesh material you used to make the parakeet cage? Is it too tough to chew through? Could it be used for cockatiels as well? I have two parakeets and two cockatiels and would love to make a cage like that for them.

Robin Cherkas said...

Hi, HungryBird - it is an honor to have you as a reader! The plastic mesh is just that - sometimes called hardware cloth and we buy it in the local homestores (such as Lowes or HomeDepot) in the landscape section. A cockatiel should easily be able to chew through it unfortunately. For the budgies (I have 3 boys) they did try and were able to pierce it in several places, but lost interest. The mesh I bought is 1/4" by 1/4", so to break through it a hole big enough to crawl out would take a bit of work on their part. I think female budgies might be more tempted as they are known to be a chew more than the males. The budgie-boys lost interest and spend their time chewing the wood instead of the plastic. It has worked well for them, and they have been in it for over a year. I do check it daily, as any section that is chewed could be easily repaired and replaced by my husband. :)

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