Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Mix for the Budgie-Boys

The budgie-boys are enjoying the new mix they received this week! As a bonus, I have discovered that with access to the organic grocery store and an entire aisle of grains, beans, nuts and seeds, mixing my own is less expensive than buying off-the-shelf mixes.

The custom mixes are supplemented with pellets, sprouts, vegetables and grains.

This particular custom blend includes:

Oat GroatsGolden Millet
Golden Flax Seed
Buckwheat Groats
Hulled Sesame Seed

Hulled Safflower Seed
Hulled Sunflower Seed

In addition to gathering the ingredients for the mix, I picked up some organic pecan and walnut pieces for The Diva, Coco.

The cost of the entire order: $4.29.
The cost of the 1.75 pounds of budgie mix: $3.00.

On average, 2 pounds of store-bought mix for the budgies ranges from $6.99 - $11.99 or more!

And the boys do love the custom-blend mixes. No preservatives, no food coloring and no waste. Purchasing in small quantities and keeping it in a mason jar ensures it is consumed while fresh. Each mix ends up being slightly different.

No matter what, Penske will always be my carrot-man... he loves his orange vegetables!

Coco was not about to be left out...

She received the pecans and walnuts, two of her favorites.
She also had an opportunity to chow down on some Birdie Crock Pot Surprise:

A little special goodie for everyone!

Hey, what about me? !!



Joe said...

These treats look tasty and healthy. I think I’ll go shopping for my parrots later today for similar items. I enjoy giving my parrots fresh fruits, veggies and other delicacies. One night I gave them a small dish of spaghetti with whole wheat noodles and they loved it. The only downside was cleaning up after them once they were done eating. I think most parrot owners understand that birds are messy eaters, but mine seem to be exceptionally messy. I finally purchased some special feeders from the same place I bought my bird cage, Cages By Design. They sell something called a “Friendly Feeder” which helps keep the food in the bowl. It’s a great product if you want to control your birds meal messes =).

Arlene said...

How good does that look. :)
I wish there was a place by me to buy all those goodies. I'll bet the budgie boys were excited as soon as they saw the "special" dish.

I must say that jar full of walnuts and pecans sure looked good. Better hide them Coco.

Don't worry Barney, there will always be a piece of ham or beef that just happens to falls to the floor.

louara said...

How lucky you are to have an organic food store so close by. Our grocery store only has one aisle of organic goods, so there's not much choice.
Lucky Coco! That sure looks tasty!

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