Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eating From My Hand

A special millet treat for the budgie-boys, and look at Penske! My shy boy continues to come out of his shell to get his fair share! Love these boys... !
After finding Strider in a tree near my office, it took 6 months for him to come to my hand for millet. The first several months, you might have suspected he "didn't like" millet! He certainly did - he just didn't want to take it from me! But time and patience allowed trust to flourish and his personality to come to the forefront.

Penske and Bucky came around much quicker, but Penske has always been my shy boy. No doubt, every bird just like people, has their own unique personality. Some will be quicker to warm up to human interaction, others might seem shy or moody, while others might be more interested in playing, napping and meditating.

While I have often read of splitting up birds for "training", I choose to focus on interacting with the birds together, allowing them to decide if they want to receive a reward and get in on the action. They are each empowered to choose. This allows me to take advantage of the 'monkey-see, monkey-do' principal.

I know that when Bucky (normal green budgie) and Strider (yellow face type 2 sky blue budgie) quickly fly to my hand for the millet, it certainly makes Penske (olive green cinnamon greywing) interested in getting in on the action! He has a limited window of opportunity to receive the treat, and over time I have found he is much quicker to gain his share of the reward. I believe this also helps the boys learn to share, not only treats but, my attention.

While there doesn't seem to be much room on my hand, all 3 manage to find a spot!


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Arlene said...

Now there's three happy little budgies. :)
I love it when they all finally decide to share.
But ultimately one or the other will get pushed away I guess. I like how Penske has his eyes closed like he's really enjoying it. He even has his foot on the millet. Mine all mine!
They're so cute.

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