Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birds Who Live in Wood Houses

As is the saying about people who live in glass houses....

Birds who live in wood houses shouldn't chew perches!

But if one is to chew their perches, it might be best if it is done while one is not actually standing on the perch!

It can result in an impromptu and unexpected trip to the ground!

Oooh, it must have been so humiliating to get dumped onto the floor.... !

Whoops... left an exposed screw, and we cannot have that! Time for an immediate fix! This perch was also an important transition perch between the pole and main house. 

Although, she could certainly use flight to navigate, The Diva expects her fort area to be perfectly maintained...

The Master Fort Maker has since replaced this perch with an oak dowel. It will be a bit harder to chew through... Or will it???

For Coco, it just presents a new challenge!

What the...... did I approve this new hardwood oak dowel? I do not remember receiving a Memo!

Let me 'splain somethin' to ya "Master Fort Maker".... take a look at these other perches behind me. Do you think this oak dowel is any match for my Diva beak?? !!

Mmmmm... peanut!!!!! (What were we talking about?)



Arlene said...

Hmmm...somebody wants to get a little remodeling in before the end of the year. :)

Do they get bored looking at the same things like we do? I never thought about that.

Robin Cherkas said...

I dont' know for sure, Arlene, but I suspect it is likely. That is why we change around toys, perches, and in Coco's world her pieces get moved around as well causing her to have to contemplate new traffic patterns, etc.

louara said...

I agree . I noticed a big difference in my budgie's attitude and mood when we change her toys around or even better get a new toy.
We also are able to move her cage from room to room with us and even up and down the stairs. I think they get bored if they stay in the same room all the time. I know I would. Gives them more to think about; my budgie will even tell me when it's time to go upstairs and if I'm running late, she flys up there ahead of me with a loud squawk which sounds like "hurry up!"

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