Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Bird Room Gets an Upgrade!

With the onset of such hot weather, I wanted to supply a bit more air circulation in the bird room. So, what do we do?

Well, naturally - we call upon the Master Fort Maker!

A screen door was on the drawing board. We could buy one at the local box store for around $50, or he could make one from scraps around the house for a total materials cost of $0. We chose option #2!

And, now - - - more air circulation!

First, pictures of the upfit:

Now, with the screen door in place, I am able to place the box fan in the hallway, facing either into the room or into the hallway.

Oh, you might be wondering what the pink blanket is doing wrapped around the door... When the door is closed, as you will recall, we have the wooden spacer attached to it so she is unable to chew on the door or casing. But the door itself, once opened, becomes a possible temptation for a wandering beak. When leaving the door open and screen door in place, I will keep the pink blanket wrapped on the door (which stays in place because the edges are wedged between the door and jamb). This reduces the likelihood of the door being attacked.

And now, some new photos of Coco!

It is that time of year, and she is going through a full out molt, but has been a very happy girl!



Arlene said...

There's always something going on in the bird room isn't there. Poor defenseless door.

Coco is more beautiful than ever. Talk about bright eyed and bushy tailed. :)

Robin Cherkas said...

Yep, there's always some sort of chaos - lol! Coco says thank you - although she is molting right now and has refused to take a shower for two weeks.... I think she's holding out for a Fort Fountain and Fort Sauna! LOL!

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