Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I AM a tick-magnet!

You all remember when I told you I was a tick-magnet? Now, I can prove it!

Since March, my dad has collected the ticks he has pulled off me. He carefully placed each of them in a small jar containing rubbing alcohol. (I worry about him sometimes...)

He said something about them 'drowning their sorrows'.

(My mom says he will collect anything, including dust.)

Humans are so hard to understand....

All those times I thought I was getting full-body rubs, come to find out it was for the daily tick-check! Can you believe it!
The good thing is that the ticks are not interested in the birds or my mom. She has had a couple crawl on her, but when she gave them the evil-eye, they ran in fear! My dad has only had to pull two off himself this year.... what can I say.... the ticks just LOVE ME!

Check this out:

Maybe he should replace the worm in his tequila bottle with a tick or two - there's more where these came from!



Marianne said...

Steve has issues.......

vi said...

yup you and me both barney.......we are tick magnets

Arlene said...

One word comes to mind....YUCK!
I feel sorry for Barney and I also feel sorry for you Robin. How do you two put up with it?
If that's not love I don't know what is. :)

Are you sure there isn't something "strange" in that mountain air? :D

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