Saturday, June 5, 2010

Barney Bait

Today, Barney's morning walk was a bit more exciting than usual because one of the neighbor dogs had inadvertently escaped.

While walking this morning, Barney and Steve found Jelly out seeing the world. Barney was used as "bait" to lure Jelly back to her house. Worked fairly well too! Jelly's parents were so happy to see the little rascal!

Jelly is a wonderful little dog - she loves to come down to the fence and greet Barney when he is out walking. So we were happy to see her home, safe and sound!

In the meantime,
here are some pictures showing Barney on his walk today.

He likes to *stop* and get a drink out of the stream each day!



vi said...

ah the poor little guy is all tuckered out there

Arlene said...

Looks like rescuing Jelly took a lot of of him.
He's a hero so he deserves a nice long nap. :)

Jim Stewart said...

Barney always makes me smile. He's too cute!

Good job Barney and Steve.

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