Saturday, May 15, 2010

Things a Birdie Wonders...

Just a few things a birdie might wonder...

When it rains, how do outdoor birdies avoid sitting on their branches until they are fully dry?

Do outdoor birdies have trouble sleeping on nights when there is a full moon, and are they grumpy the next day because of not getting total darkness?

In the summer when the crickets and other insects are singing loudly at night, how do the outdoor birdies get their quota of shut-eye with all that racket? And again, I wonder if they are 'grumpy' the next day?

If it rains in the late evening (or even during the night), how do the outdoor birdies avoid going to bed wet?

and finally...

Do outdoor birdies get the evil-eye when they dive-bomb lazy outdoor doggies?

Just a few things I've always wondered!

~The Diva~



Marianne said...

LOL! You tell 'em Coco!

Jim Stewart said...

Miss Coco - aka "The Diva". They get wet, they hear noise at night, stand on wet preaches, sleep when the moon is out.... Our parents live outside in an aviary and they do all those things. They are fine and as far as we know didn't pass any bug-a-boos on to us. Go figure. Scratching our heads with our talons.

Nice to see Robin let you post.

Nino & Teo

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