Friday, May 7, 2010

Fluff Feather Heaven

The beginning of a molt is always preceded by an abundance of fluff feathers... and we are in fluff feather heaven at the moment!

While Coco is still expressing a few mild nesting symptoms, most of her chewing and shredding behaviors have subsided, she is rarely regurgitating, no longer assuming the position to lay a pretend egg, and has just now begun a molt. Fluff feathers are everywhere! Time to buy a pillow case and start stuffing! It wouldn't be so hard on the vacuum if it were not for the fact that the three budgie boys have also started their molt! (I think I might have smelled a smoky odor emitting from the vacuum as it struggled to keep up today!)

It has been a rather pleasant nesting season for Coco as nesting seasons go. She has been quite clingy and cuddly (unusual for a nesting season), wanting to be on me, with me and near me a great deal of the time. I noted that during the first two days of her molt, evidenced by seeing fluff feathers for the first time in months, she also experienced two days of very loose droppings with higher than usual quantities of urates (the white part). I tended to think this was just a transitional change, and decided to keep a close eye on her and give some extra rice for dinner.

By the second evening, it resolved itself, and her droppings have been normal since.

I do not recall this ever being a part of the initial stages of a molt, but will make note for the next time around to see if this is a pattern.

Meanwhile, I decided to refurbish an old necklace that had seen better days by adding some fresh beads and restringing it. Coco gave the design two wings up!



Arlene said...

Those fluff feathers can end up in strange places. They're pretty much impossible to vacuum without having them blow all over the place. Any suggestions Robin?

Isn't it nice to have Coco so cuddly? Or does she just have her eye on that necklace. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like we both have the same idea when it comes to all of these feathers, huh Robin? I just posted on Facebook about all of the feathers around my house saying I could go into business for myself making pillows and then I came to read your blog and you said the same thing. Great minds think alike. Hey, how about we be partners and we go into business together? :)

Arlene, I find that if I use the vacuum cleaner attachment FIRST (to pick up the feathers) then I can just vacuum the rest of the mess (seed hulls) without much trouble. You're right about the feathers blowing all over when using a vacuum. Since we have 16 Budgies, we just use my husband's Shop Vac instead of a vacuum. Either way, the poor filter gets a workout and it's a real joy cleaning it up.

Have a great day Miss Robin!

Robin Cherkas said...

I too use the vacuum at a bit of a distance (remove the hose) and suck up the feathers. Then you can get closer to do the rest. I do all the vacuuming of the forts first and save the floors for last. Another thing you can do is mist the area down with water first, then wipe up with a paper towel. I usually find that using the vacuum hose is a bit easier.

Oh, and Coco definitely has an eye for jewelry! She's a diva afterall! lol!

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