Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Must Read: How to Win Dogs and Influence Eagles

Today's post is an assignment... of the fun and educational sort!

I came across a most awesome and educational article on one our favorite topics here at the Living With Parrots Cage Free Blog - behavior!

Please take a moment to click the link below, and read the article "How to Win Dogs and Influence Eagles" by Peta Clarke posted on the Animal Education Foundation blog site April 2, 2010. The article also appeared in the March 31, 2010 issue of the Dog Lover's Digest.

It is a straightforward, easy to understand, and enjoyable presentation filled from beak to tail with pearls of wisdom. She discusses behavior - not just in regard to birds - but other zoo animals as well!

It is an article worth bookmarking and referring to often.

How To Win Dogs and Influence Eagles
by Peta Clarke

Additional Sources:
Animal Education Foundation
Dog Lover's Digest


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Arlene said...

Very good article. It's important to give the animal plenty of space to get back to the safe place when it feels nervous or intimidated. As stated, they'll come for that treat as long as they know they can 'high-tail' it back. I think it's a good bonding technique.

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