Friday, April 9, 2010

Food Good Enough to Eat!

I bought the most wonderful treat food today! Something I've never seen on the shelf before - it is Tropical Carnival Parrot & Macaw - Natural - by Brown's.

Oh, my gosh - it is SO delicious! I've already determined that about anything Coco is not willing to eat, I am! (Yes, I admit... I even tasted the biscuit... how could I resist butterfly shaped biscuits? I know... impossible!) And, they didn't taste half bad!

The items I found most surprising as a part of a mix were the cinnamon sticks, dates, in-the-shell walnuts, pecans, almonds, and huge, moist peppers.

No artificial colors, no preservatives, and no sulphurs. I wish you could taste... oooh... the apples, even the kiwi, sweet potatoes, green beans and garbanzo beans. And, the dried apricots... oh, wow....

Just delicious!

Coco agrees!

Look mom, no hands!



vi said...

but did the budgie boys like it too?

Robin Cherkas said...

I'll have to run it thru the 'choppah, Vi! lol!

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