Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do They Sell Dog Toys at the Pet Store?

I just want to document the type of abuse I am subjected to on a daily basis in the bird oriented environment in which I live.

Yesterday my mom went to a place called a "Pet Store". I'm not entirely sure why it has that name, because they don't actually sell pets... go figure... humans are so silly!

But they call it a pet store anyway. So, she comes home with a bag of "bird" food, and a different bag of toys.

First, I have a simple question:

Do humans usually eat bird food?
I've watched my mom snitching pieces of apple, pineapple and kiwi out of the bird food bag! I'm 'jist sayin'..... I didn't buy the thing about wanting to assure freshness... You would have thought there was a chocolate Easter bunny hidden inside the way she was pawing around in the thing...

And, do you think there were any dog toys in the bags? Um... yeah - NO. However, I still wanted to play with some of the toys ... any of the toys... all of the toys! I was told they are specifically "bird" toys.

Really?? Who makes up such rules??

She did not hesitate to rub further salt into the wound by pointing out that they were on sale. This means saving money... plenty of money to buy a dog toy, right?

Another question:

How many toys do these birds need anyway?

I see you understand my point:

She saved all this money, yet no peanut butter rawhide for me? Oh, they must have been sold out...

From left to right, she found some great deals:

For the record, I totally eat popcorn.... I want one of those cobs of popcorn...



vi said...

poor baby, how about a bouncing kong?

Arlene said...

Poor poor Barney. I feel for ya sweetie.
I think your mom is waiting for the perfect toy to come to the store so she can surprise you.
Hang in there. It's coming I'm sure.

p.s. Just for the record, did the birds like their new stuff? Maybe Coco will 'accidentally' throw something in your direction. :)

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