Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Video of Coco and the Budgie-Boys!

Wow, regular life has been so busy lately - I just realized my last post was February 25!

Work had been keeping me very busy, but has now slowed down a bit. I hope it will remain that way! I've been burning the candle at both ends, and am getting a bit too old for that!

Meanwhile, Coco and the budgie-boys are doing wonderful, and I thought you all might enjoy a new video! I've placed a copy at the bottom of this post. You are in for a treat:

You will hear Coco say "pretty bird", "I'm a bird", and "bye". You will also see how much progress Penske has made! (Disregard me in the first part of the video talking about Strider... I meant Penske!) He's really coming out of his shell, and I can no longer refer to him as my shy-boy!

For Coco's part, she has been in her own little pulverization mode. Everything she can get her little beak on is turned into shreds or sawdust nesting material. She's having fun, and the pieces of wood are easy enough for the Master Fort Designer to replace as needed. I believe this has been one of her most efficient nesting material creating years. She has provided enough for ten amazon nests! Her beak is in amazing condition from all this chewing!

She has not (at least yet) experienced any change in personality during this season. Her behavior of shredding has definitely increased, but her desire to interact with me has seemed to remain the same.

I did see one behavior a few months ago that I wanted to change.

When I would open or close the curtains covering the sliding glass doors each morning and evening, she became very excited. A bit over-excited. She would flare her tail, open her wings, and pin her eyes. Sometimes she would prance around in circles. She became a bit more excited than I wanted to see. And if Steve was the one moving the curtains, she would lunge toward him on occasion. So this behavior needed to change in my opinion. The curtains sliding across the traverse rod make a lot of noise, and she has always been responsive and reactive to noises.

I began by putting sunflower seeds in a small cup. When I would go toward the curtains to open or close them, I would step into the area and give her a seed. Then I would open or close them and give her another seed.

It did not take much time before she began looking for the seed cup in my hand when I would approach the curtain. She quickly forgot about responding to the curtain, and was completely focused on the treat cup. Now she no longer flares or responds to the curtain - even if I do not have the treat cup in my hand. Additionally, Steve can also offer her a seed if he is the one opening or closing the curtain. Often she will not take a treat from him, but at least she has the opportunity if she chooses.

I hope you enjoy watching the birds on the video as much as I do!



Arlene said...

Oh that Coco is a real talker isn't she. I love to watch her move. It's like she's in slow motion. :D Very well behaved too.
Did she also say "WOW" too?

The boys look really happy together. I like the idea of the jar in the middle of the food dish. But I notice Penske was still trying to get in there. Silly budgie. :)

Great video Robin. A two thumbs up!

wolfgirl1987 said...

She did a lot of tail fanning in this video. What does it mean when she does that?

Robin Cherkas said...

In general, it is a sign of a high level of excitement, especially when coupled with pinning eyes and holding the wings away from the body. She will sometimes flare her tail simply when we are talking back and forth and she is very excited and having fun mimicking me.

In this particular instance, her over excitement was a result of me just having gotten home from work, the camera, and her extra hormones. This is an example of a time NOT to ask an amazon for a step up. :)

louara said...

Oh boy I have been missing your videos! So great to see them again.
When you said "come on Penske" my Gracie thought you were calling her and flew over the computer.
Penske has sure come along way.
I love it when Coco says "i'm a bird" so clearly! She is amazing.
Her sawdust collection is quite impressive!

wolfgirl1987 said...

That was the impression I got, Robin. She seemed over-excited, and stimulated. I would have given her a wide berth lol!

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