Monday, February 15, 2010

Squawk, Squawk, Shake!

Many of you may have heard about the earthquake 5 days ago affecting Chicago?! Thank goodness it is not near the coast so no chance of a tsunami!

But an interesting story has come from this - and reflects yet again the intelligence and survival instincts of our feathered friends.

Arlene (aka Blog Graphic Artist) had a restless night of sleep one particular evening and happened to be awake. At around 5 minutes before 4:00 am, she heard extreme thrashing and noise coming from the bird room where Nicky, Rosie and the finches live. She rushed into the room, and found Nicky and Rosie still screaming, thrashing, and on the cage floor. A few feathers were lost during the incident. Naturally, she assumed a night fright - the most logical conclusion. However, the finches were in on the action as well.

She spent a minute or so calming them down by turning on a soft night light and speaking softly to them. They were visibly upset.

But then - - - she heard a low rumbling noise.

Her first thought:

" was the guy with the plow outside."

Now, c'mon Arlene... really? The guy with the plow outside? They plow at your house at 4:00 am? Wow!
Ok, we'll let her stick with her story.. moving along...

I quote her in her email message to me:

"...Then I thought he was on the roof stomping around."

Is that how they plow the roads in the windy city? Did the guy have on a red suit and a long white beard? And a jolly belly?

Ok - move it along, Robin, move it along...

Now, of course you know how this story ends...

Nicky, Rosie and the finches sensed the impending earthquake like little feathered seismologists! Arlene woke up to the morning newspapers advising that an earthquake registering 3.5 had hit the area at 3:58 am! Now, that's pretty darn impressive!
Just another reason we are all in love with our feathered companions! Not a day goes by that they do not amaze us!



Goldielover said...

Snowplow outside at 4:00 a.m.??? Actually, very common in a big city. I used to get woken up regularly by a particularly bloody minded one who would stop right outside my bedroom window with those blue lights flashing. Probably the same one who was forever plowing in my driveway just after I had shoveled it.

Seriously, though - the feral felines freak out at anything like an earthquake, too.

Arlene said...

Robin you made me laugh again.
Yep in 'My Kind of Town" the snow plows are out continually. Plus the building attendant was doing plowing in the parking lot earlier. I'm on the top flour so I heard a sound like someone walking on the roof. No Robin not Santa. :-)

I just couldn't believe how the birds reacted. I have never seen them that scared. If they were not in the cage there's no telling what could have happened. An accident or worse.

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