Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting New Year Right

Nothing like starting the new year with a good mist-bath!

Coco has never been one much for mist-bathing, preferring a drenching in the tub or sink. But given the exceptionally cold weather, I thought I would introduce her to the mist bottle slowly and see if she might take to it. It is not always practical to warm up the bathroom to take her in for a bath and then return her to the birdroom through the chilly hallway.

The first time I showed it to her was 2 days ago. She was interested in beaking the bottle, and I let a couple of sprays fall down over her. She showed no visible reaction other than to be overly interested in the treat jar I was holding in the other hand.A few of those sprays was enough - a nice introduction.

Today when I entered the room with a fresh spray bottle filled with lukewarm water, she seemed to know what was coming. Interesting, she moved to her water dish and spread her wings! She doesn't fit in the water dish, but since it is the only source of water in the room, nature sent her to stand next to it to accept a wonderful mist-bath.

She twirled, and sang, and moved around the fort in a joyous celebration of the new year!

It was nice to start out the year getting accustomed to a new option for bathing and keeping those feathers healthy and looking beautiful! Bathing is good for the outside as well as the inside.

(I'm just hoping this new year will bring
all of Santa's leftover cookies my way...)

.... and a few less baths would be nice, mom....

I hope it is a very happy, healthy, peacefully and chirpy new year for everyone and your families!



Arlene said...

Happy New Year!
I thought that was so cute that she went to her watering hole and waited for the mist to come.
Smart little cookie.

And speaking of cookie, will you PLEASE give Barney a cookie. I mean, just look at him. :)lol

louara said...

Happy New Year!
Starting the new decade out clean and fresh is a great plan Coco! I am so happy you liked your bath, what a good girl you are, and so pretty too!
Barney you crack me up buddy lol-anything for cookies eh?

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