Friday, January 15, 2010

The Budgie Boys and Coco on Video

A little video (*beaming*) of the budgie boys and Coco... I hope you enjoy it!

You'll see Strider taking sips of water (something many think budgies won't do), and the new arrangement of Fort Coco.

(Oh - and you might want to turn down the volume toward the end.)

Coco has a great time saying "weekie-weekie-weekie", "scooby-doobie-doo", lots of "hello's", and she even demonstrates her excessively loud vocalizations! She's my girl!


Anonymous said...

That was fun Robin. Thanks for sharing that. I got a kick out of Coco - especially when she kept putting her foot out for another treat. She's quite the talker too. Keep those videos coming. You're doing a great job.

Goldielover said...

Says video unavailable???

Robin Cherkas said...

Sorry - I think I had the settings wrong - try again! :o

Marianne said...

Wow, Coco has you VERY well trained! :D

Arlene said...

Coco is so funny. Now wait...who trained who? :D
I had to laugh when she kept putting her foot up for another treat. That must be sign language for 'please' or 'gimme one now'.
And so chatty. What a charmer.

Coco said...

Hi Robin, this is lotus15 from TalkBudgies-- Coco really is so charming!! But so is Strider, what a pretty little boy. I also can't get enough of your budgie fort. Great job. You're making my budgies jealous!!

Robin Cherkas said...

Thank you so much Coco (Lotus15)! That's quite a compliment coming from you!

Mary H. said...

I love that top photo-- Coco is gorgeous with her wings open!


louara said...

Boy oh boy, Coco sure does love her snacks!
My budgie loves water so much sometimes I think she's a fish.
She will drink from her cup when we hold it for her like you did with your boys. She jumps in her "bathtub" almost daily to play in the water and she loves to fly around the bathroom when we are taking showers.
I used to worry that she was taking in too much water but it has never had a bad effect on her.
(sometimes her droppings are a little bit runny-but not for long)
Do you think that budgies drink more water than we have come to believe?

Robin Cherkas said...

I do think that, Loura. We often hear that 'budgies don't drink much water', but that is based upon not seeing them do it. There are many examples especially in nature of things that we do not see happen but that we know takes place, be it the pollenization of a plant, a chicken laying eggs, or raptors hunting at night. There are many things we do not witness, but come to accept that they exist and take place when we are not looking. I'm not sure how the rumor originally got started that budgies don't drink much water. Perhaps because if we put a water dish in their area that contains 1/3 to 1/2 cup water, that in proportion to body weight, they could drink a fair amount and we would not visually see the water level diminish. My Bucky is like your girl - he thinks he's a water bird! He will rarely turn down the opportunity to bathe and is the first one to jump head long into the tupperware container! lol!

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