Monday, December 21, 2009

Meet Nino and Teo !

As you know, Coco lives a cage-free existence in Fort Coco, an amazing space designed by master-fort maker (hubby) whom she nicknames "the one I love to hate".

(Oh, and she also calls him "Mo". She also calls him "bye-bye", and she also calls him "go away"! Clever nicknames, huh?!)

Fortunately, she is not unique in her style of living. It is shared by two friends who also live cage-free and forage for their daily food.

Meet Nino (blue and gold macaw), Teo (greenwing macaw), and their companion, Jim.

All three are regular readers of the Living With Parrots Cage Free Blog!
They can often be seen at the local park in the afternoon.

While at home, Nino and Teo have their own bird room. Yet, they certainly know how to pull their weight around the house!

They help with the laundry:

They make beds:

And they even dust!
(That IS what they're doing up there, right?) !

(NOTE: All work-related activities have been approved by the BLU [Birdie Labor Union], and their nut cups have been filled commensurately)!

When it is time for some privacy, a BLU required lunch break or bed time, the boys hang out in their own Fort-Macaw:

That is, when they're not watching the neighbors:

Beautiful, happy birds, living cage-free with their companion.

Like Coco, they have learned what to chew on and what not to chew on!


(Hey, buddy - just remember, that's my chin, not an almond!)

I hope you enjoyed meeting Nino, Teo
and their pet human!



Arlene said...

Hi Nino and Teo. What a pair of beauties.
Those two must require a lot of care and attention which I'm pretty sure their "pet" gives them. :-)
Thanks for sharing a day in their busy life with us.

louara said...

Nice to meet you Nino and Teo. You are both lovely parrots.
Do you do windows? Mine could use a good washing.

Marianne said...

Oh, cool, more birds that like doing laundry! Captain is quite the expert as well!

Loved seeing all the great pictures!!!!!!!

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