Sunday, December 6, 2009

Budgie-Boys Eating Big

The Budgie-Boys did not disappoint...
They were quick to taste their share of the Birdie Crock Pot Surprise!
Strider on the left, and Bucky on the right

Penske was actually my best little eater...
and orange is his favorite color!

After filling two ice cube trays for Coco...

It was time to prepare the Budgie-Boys pureed mix:

And freeze in 1/2 cubes:

How much is left for Steve?
Just enough for a small taste!

I couldn't be more pleased that the Birdie Crock Pot Surprise was a hit for birdies big and small!



Anonymous said...

Yum, Yum. Ya done good, Robin. Looks like it was definitely a hit with all of your birds.

Do you remove the seed dish when you offer them the crock pot surprise or do you sprinkle any seed on the food you offered? My birds aren't used to eating anything except seed and I use to try to offer other things but they pretty much left it alone. I would have to remove the seed dish if I wanted them to even try something. Just curious what you do. But if your guys are used to eating other things, maybe you don't have to remove your seed dish. Let me know.


Robin said...

Thanks, Donna; I do not remove the seed dishes. Just set the new one in. This time I sprinkled a couple seeds on top because they've never had it before. I wanted to be sure they were willing to give it a try. By a couple I mean 6 seeds, literally. Just something to get their curiosity. Now that they know what it tastes like, they will eat it. However, with all of them, things like this or the Beak Appetit I serve every other day at most. If I serve the same mix each day they turn up their beak... "I just saw that junk yesterday!" lol!

Arlene said...

Yay for the boys too! Doesn't that make you feel gooder than good. Gooder?

Robin said...

Gooder, it does! lol!

louara said...

Bravo! Those boys sure do look happy eating out of their china cups and Coco looks very content with her Crock Pot Surprise. I am definitely going to try this with Gracie-Mae, instead of seeds on the top I'll sprinkle some corn. If she sees corn she'll jump on it.

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