Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Wandering Diva !

The Diva has certainly been getting around lately - literally!

As you know, she lives cage free in her completely open-styled "Fort Coco", but recently has demonstrated a propensity to see not just the USA, but the entire world, in her Chevrolet!

Several days this past week, Coco's daddy has found her wandering around in an unplanned and unapproved manner.

One day she was atop the bar stool eating the budgies' grass (a small container of greens growing for the boys).

She also had visited a variety of other places in the the room....

Let's just say, we have proof that cannot be denied - no siree!
Those were not budgie souvenirs!

So, what to do... what to do...

My thoughts immediately move to my need to provide new and interesting reasons for her to stay in the Fort area. Perhaps it is getting a bit yesterday. But in any event, it is my responsibility to keep her area fresh, intriguing and worth the stay.

Here is a picture of the existing set up, before the refurb. The budgies are on the right in the photo:

I've since made a number of changes including moving toys around, moving furniture, and reorienting her area. She no longer has a completely unobstructed view of the room. However, she still has the ability to move around the entire room should she desire. (I hope she will not desire!) She does have a completely unobstructed view out the sliding glass doors of the beautiful mountain range, which I hope she will enjoy.

The water bowl is still in the same place...
The budgies are still in the same place..So far, during the first several days after the change, she has remained in her Fort at all times while alone in the room. Yesterday while I was attending to the boys, she actually came down the ladder to interact with me! This is significant. It is the first time she has walked down the ladder in many, many months. That used to be one of her favorite things to do. I do think she is feeling much better. I continue to make 'observation' my first priority.

While I am working to make staying in the Fort desirable, I do view her branching out behavior as a good sign - a further indication that she is feeling confident and perhaps returning to her old self. However, I hope that she will limit any branching out to times when I am in the room. I would prefer no unsupervised excursions!

What will the Queen of England think when she contemplates the possibility that Coco may have left a souvenir on the back of one of her guards? Exactly.. you see my dilemma?!

And as far as I know, she cannot even speak French!

Yes, she belongs in the mountains, but preferably inside the Fort and not driving around!

(Is she even watching the road?)

A huge thanks to Arlene (aka.pody)
for sharing her amazing graphic art talent with all of us!



Arlene said...

It was an absolute pleasure not only creating her travels but also reading all about it.

I have to wonder sometimes if our little families actually know and understand how much we love them. Yeah, I think they do. :)

I think she's going to like her new view. I know I sure would.

louara said...

Coco as a world traveler, how adorable.
She needed a change up in her environment, as we all do at times I guess.
My budgie has also left evidence of leaving her designated places in search of greater adventures in and around the house. They can be very determined and sneaky when they want to be can't they?
Arlene, those graphics are terrific-great job!

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