Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time For Change

Am I the only one who is mildly annoyed by having to change all my clocks, some of which I must stretch and strain to reach? Since we only change the clock in our vehicles twice a year, it is difficult to even remember how without some trial and error!

How does the change of time affect our birds (if at all)?

Naturally, they receive the same amount of daylight and darkness the day before we change the clocks as they do the day after. The differences they experience from the time change will be in direct relationship to our activities that involve them.

For example:

It has been my pattern to come home, feed the birds, begin cleaning their areas, and have about two hours of remaining daylight in which to interact with them. With the time change, there will now be around one hour of remaining daylight.

On the flip side, in the morning when I awoke it was still dark. So, I did not go into the bird room until a few minutes before leaving the house. Now with the change of time, I will be able to go into the bird room first thing, have my coffee, and spend some time hanging with them (and listening to the three boys serenade me in a way that only male budgies are able)!

While the birds will still live with the natural rising and setting of the sun, my activities will be adjusted based upon the clock which often guides our lives.

Perhaps with the natural light flooding the birdroom, the birds may wake me up before my alarm does!



Arlene said...

Well it takes me almost until the next time change to get used to this one. :-)

louara said...

I will never understand this changing of the clock nonsense we go through twice annually. It really causes havoc with our pets and human babies. Gracie-Mae gave me heck for giving her supper to her "late" and she was chripping to get up an hour "early". I am trying to adjust her in 15 min. increments but she is still confused as am I. As a matter of fact I don't change the clock in my bedroom, it's my way of protesting the practice and I figure for at least half the year the time is right lol

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