Monday, November 30, 2009

It's A Wonderful Budgie Life!

This video will put you in the Christmas spirit for sure! candycane.gif image by akapody

A big thank you to Arlene (also responsible for producing the graphics for the Living With Parrots Cage Free blog) for allowing me to share this fabulous video!

The only problem... the Budgie-Boys are going to want to meet Nicky and Rosie and get their awwtoegraphs!

After you have seen the amazing acting skills of Nicky and Rosie, I am sure you will want to read about the rest of their lives in their Friend's List Post:
How Nicky Met Rosie!

It IS a fabulous life, Nicky and Rosie, and I know you have been good little budgies this year! You have brought your mom much happiness, so I'm positive that Santa Bird will pack your Christmas trees with plenty of treats and toys!
Thanks for sharing your Christmas video with everyone!
candycane.gif image by akapody



Marianne said...

that is soooooooo cute!

Arlene said...

Robin thank you so much for sharing this.
I love your word "awwtoegraphs". :-)

These two have been such a joy and I love 'em to pieces.

Robin said...

Thank YOU, Arlene, for sharing with us! And for all the graphic art you have so graciously done for the blog! (hug)

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