Saturday, November 21, 2009

In Search of Rare Bateleur Eagle

The Carolina Raptor Center is dedicated to environmental stewardship and the conservation of birds of prey through education, research, and the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned raptors.

On Thursday (November 19, 2009), a rare bateleur eagle escaped from the Raptor Center. Because many of my blog readers are in North Carolina, many more are ardent supporters of raptor research, preservation, education and rehabilitation, and because this eagle has the capacity for long flights covering in excess of 200 miles in search of food, I want to put a shout out to any in the North Carolina, South Carolina or neighbors even further away to keep their eagle eyes to the sky in search of this lady.

The bateleur, native to Africa, is quite colorful, with an approximate 5 foot wingspan, and distinctive in flight in that they have an exceptionally short tail. While capable of making significant noise (as you might well imagine), they are often quiet. They roost high up in the trees, and while it is hoped that she is still in the nature preserve, she could have traveled.

Please join Coco in searching for this rare beauty.

Anyone who sees her, please contact the Carolina Raptor Center's Rescue Line at 704-875-5421, extension 107.

Click Here for More Information on the Bateleur Eagle



Arlene said...

Any word on the eagle yet? It shouldn't be too hard to spot.

Robin said...

Unfortunately, no news yet. :(

Robin said...

As of Tuesday, November 24, 2009, the eagle has still not been spotted.

gcoyne9825 said...

On Sunday, June 12th, 2011 I saw what could be this missing eagle in Rutherfordton, NC. My folks were visiting and my was walking their small dog when this huge bird came swooping down, but quickly regained flight as the dog ducked under one of our cars searching for something. We see a lot of hawks in the area, but this was a first time seeing this type of bird. The wingspan had to been all of 5 feet and the orangeish color of the neck/head stood out.

Glenn Coyne
237 John Smith Road
Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Robin Cherkas said...

Wow, Glenn - that must have been quite a site! You are not too far from me (I am up by Asheville). It would be good to contact the raptor center to see if the bird is still missing.

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