Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hanging Out in the House

All the time Coco has enjoyed fort living, she has never been one to hang out inside her main house. It is a wonderful place for foraging and playing, but no significant time has been spent simply hanging inside.

As you can see, it has a v-perch on the right. From time to time I have placed the swing inside, but since she did not use it, it is mostly left on her main pole where she does enjoy it.

As you will recall, I wrote about her recent travels in The Wandering Diva, and that I had rearranged her Fort elements in an attempt to provide more interest and less desire to wander. (So far, so good).

With this revamp, her main house now directly faces the sliding glass doors for a perfect view of the mountain range.
And with this has come a new habit!

I have come home to clear and convincing evidence that she has begun hanging out on that v-perch during the day for extended periods of time!

In addition to a clear view out the window, she also has the ability to watch the budgies. And they are admittedly fascinating. You know I so love watching them.

Perhaps there is some sense of safe
ty or protection; whatever her motivation I know that she is there because she chooses to be. She has also been foraging for food from other locations and then taking it inside the house to her v-perch and eating it there. Kind of cute!

She is able to see out the side slats (especially the one that she custom-designed to be larger!). But when I am in the room, she remains out on her main pole.

After all the time that she has lived in the Fort, it is nice to see that she still finds new and different ways to utilize the elements. This further encourages me to continue making changes and improvements. Even in changing the location of an element or orientation, she will need to create new paths and make corresponding adjustments. It provides additional interest. Changing toys around is nice, but for Coco, I sometimes think toys are simply stationery, non-interesting parts of the landscape.

She plays with bottle caps and egg crates more than any store-bought toy! She also loves plastic hair combs!

And, I love coming home to this sort of mess!



Anonymous said...

I love the set up you have for your parrot. I'm especially curious about the entertainment value the budgies provide for your zon. A friend of mine who is a vet recommended we get our BFA her own "pet"...a smaller bird for her to watch during the day while we're out. Sounds like that's what yours has.

Robin said...

I recently stopped leaving the radio on for Coco - the budgies made so much noise she couldn't hear it anyway! I have 3 males, so the singing is constant. It may bother some (and it can get loud), but I love it.

And, of course, they are a study in non-stop motion. If she gets 1/2 the enjoyment from watching them that I do, then it is a wonderful thing. However, she doesn't care for them flying around her space, as they have a tendency to gang dive-bomb her. But I do believe that the constant motion, antics and singing are an important part of her day. Thanks for the nice compliment on Fort Coco.

Arlene said...

I'm certain that Coco loves the boys company. Maybe they even have some kind of secret language between them. That's an entertaining thought.
My Rosie has taken to loving bottle caps too. She'll run around with one, drop it off the cage, watch it fall and look for another one and do the same thing.
And don't you honestly love the mess you find? That's how you know somebody had a good day. :-)

Rachel said...

You know how much Nolan loves bottle caps :) His record is still holding onto 4 at one time! :D

louara said...

It is great to see that Coco is enjoying her environment. It is amazing what just a few changes can mean in the mind of a bird.

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