Saturday, November 7, 2009

Behavior Post in Dutch!

Much to my surprise, one of my behavior posts has now been translated into Dutch! I had mentioned that this was in the makings in a previous post: Dutch Surprise, and it has now come about.

I do not know any words in Dutch, but do note that 'Robin' is translated into Dutch as: 'Robin'. So does that qualify as knowing one Dutch word?!

My post: She Bites Me, She Bites Me Not has been published on a Dutch bird forum: Gras/Valkparkieten Forum. I don't think I will be learning Dutch anytime soon, but I do love the tulips and windmills!



Arlene said...

Gelukwensen! :-)

louara said...

What she said!
Congratulations, that's wonderful news!
Which post is it?
You should celebrate with some Gouda cheese and wine. It's delicious!

Robin said...

Celebrating with wine and cheese is a great idea! :D It is the 'She Bites Me, She Bites Me Not' post (the one about Carly and her bird Twyla).

Mary H. said...

Awesome! This is very neat.

I know there are great trainers in other countries, and I feel sad sometimes that we don't often all share ideas and tips because of language barriers.

Mary H.

Mary H. said...

Have you changed the format of your comments section? I really like the new appearance.


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