Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Old Coco Sign

I did not have to strain my powers of observation much to see yet another sign of the old Coco emerging this evening. Yet, I must admit I did not see this one coming - literally!

As I finished the usual cleaning and interaction time in the bird room, I went toward the door and received a rousing 'BYE' from Coco. All seemed well. Hmmm.... normal, one might say...

Seconds after I turned off the lights, she suddenly flew to me - yep, in the dark. I didn't move, and she landed on me. Well, I guess she was not ready for our time to be over?!

Coco 1

So, we spent some more time together. Goodness, I had already been in there for an hour, it was dark outside, and I would have thought that she would be well ready for bed. Apparently, she had a different idea!

Well, time to give it another try. I gingerly headed back to the door. Again, I received a very loud and confident "BYE!" Again, all seemed well... almost normal one might say...

I turned the light off, and.....

Coco 2


Yep - she flew to me again.

So, again we spent some more time together. However, this time I made one slight adjustment. I turned off the light switch that is next to the door, and turned on the light next to the chair.

This time, after spending more time together, I sat in the chair. Then, I turned off the light for a moment (of course, she saw me sit in the chair, and knew I was still in the room).

After a few seconds, I turned the light on, walked over to give her a treat, returned to the chair and repeated the process.

We did this a few times - I'm not sure what she was thinking... perhaps mommy had made up yet another odd game?!

After several repeats, she was ready for me to leave. I walked to the door, and was excused this time without incident.

While I see signs of a reduction in hormonal behavior, I still observe an overall elevated excitement level and certain hormonal-type behaviors. So my eyes continue to be peeled on her body language now more than ever.

Tonight she indicated a desire for close interaction, as while I was standing next to the perch, she came over and plastered herself to my chest while lifting her head feathers. I obliged, but my eyes remained focused for any change or nuance of body language. I would give her a scritch or two, and then stepped back to see if she would come toward me, lean toward me, or give a similar signal that she wanted more before continuing.


Our interactions always offer ample opportunities for her to gain reinforcers. Each day I try to include physical interactions. For example, a new game we play that I call 'Hide n Peek'. With the main house out in the room, I am able to run around the entire house and peek in through the slats of wood.

It did not take her long to catch on, and she began to laugh when running from one side to the other to find me!

One day she was on the floor and began running around the house (with me dodging the opposite direction), seemingly pleased when able to spot me!

Perhaps these more physical and overt games are increasing her enjoyment level and leading to her desire for more interaction. I believe they are beneficial on many levels.

Given that she flew to me twice tonight and wanted additional time together, I will take my cue accordingly and see if she is interested in expanding our time together tomorrow as well. I plan to take this kimono jacket I am working on into the bird room to see if she shows signs of desiring some day time company.

It is slated to be a beautiful day - nearly 70 degrees tomorrow - and I will be able to open the sliding glass doors so that we all (including the budgie-boys) can soak in the warm sunshine and fresh air.

No doubt it will be a fun, crazy day!



Arlene said...

Isn't it great to see Coco just acting like her old silly self.
And since today was a good open the door day, I'll bet they all had an especially good day.

Jim Stewart said...

Good news! Chase, hide-and-seek, where are Nino and Teo, are fun games around here. I have to agree, at least with my boys, that physical and overt games are enjoyable and an important part of our relationship.

Love the pic of the budgie-boys.

louara said...

Coco is so intelligent. Her wanting to spend more time with you and inventing games with you is so amazing. I bet you all had a great day.
BTW that is a lovely jacket.

wolfgirl1987 said...

It's been along while since I've read your blog.. I had most of September and all of October's blogs as well as Novembers to read. It's been great catching up on your fid family... and I am sooo happy that Coco is coming around. yay! :D

Robin said...

So nice to see you back, Wolfgirl - and signed is as yourself instead of your hubby! lol! :D

wolfgirl1987 said...

LOL! This time I made sure to be signed in as myself lol!

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