Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Present from Coco

Coco gave me the most wonderful birthday present a little while ago... makes a momma smile!

As I have been writing, she's been having her tough times, hormonally speaking. I've been giving her plenty of space. No demands whatsoever.

Tonight I was in the bird room, minding my own business, and she made a beeline to me. I sat in the chair as she walked across the room toward me, and placed my hand on the floor. As she approached, she gently stepped onto my hand waiting for the elevator to take her up to my knee.

She sat with me for a good 30 minutes while I preened her head, and she just ate it up (me too). We haven't had a preen session like that in a number of months, and she sure needed it - full of pin feathers! The curtains were closed, and as the sun continued to get lower the room naturally darkened.

Before it was completely dark, I stood up and we slowly walked back to the fort. We stopped momentarily at the budgie fort, as she seemed somewhat curious about them, but expressed no desire for more than a mere glance.

As we approached her swing, she began to turn toward it, indicating she was ready to step down. I then enjoyed handing her an ample supply of safflower seeds, one of her favorites, to end our interaction in a very tasty way.

I said goodnight, closed the door, and never heard another peep out of her. I take this as a sign of her contentment. We had a nice time together, not too long, not too short, and she was happy to carry on with the remainder of her get-ready-for-bed routine without missing a beat.

Yep - such a sweet gift! It has now been 25 days since the change in routine and the amount of light/darkness she receives.

Speaking of light - this was a wonderful reminder of light at the end of the tunnel that we know exists, but at times can become a bit impatient if it is not readily visible.



Mary H. said...

"I sat in the chair as she walked across the room toward me, and placed my hand on the floor."

I've been told parrots really don't like walking on the ground? What is you experience with this?


Robin said...

Apparently, Coco did not read that detail! Over the years she has been quite curious about floor level objects and then climbing 'up' things. She climbs down and up her ladder despite being able to fly, and will follow me around the house by walking on the floor as well, much like a dog.

Marianne said...

My macaw likes to walk all over the floor, especially if she is looking for me! :-)

Arlene said...

That was so sweet. It's as if she just knew. :)
I know that was the best present ever.

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