Saturday, October 10, 2009

Preen Friends

Strider preening Bucky!

When Bucky and Penske first came home, of course they went through quarantine together, and thus became fast friends. Especially since they knew each other before they arrived here. I had been concerned that upon introducing them to Strider, they might not accept him as part of the group.

I had read much about the theory that odd numbers of budgies are a problem. Since my 3 are boys, and since budgies are flock animals, it seemed to me that if I introduced them carefully, provided ample space for flight and activity, created foraging activities to keep the little minds busy, included multiple food bowls and ensured an environment of positive experiences, I should have an excellent chance of being able to have 3 happy, well adjusted budgies as easily as 4.

But in reality, even two birds are a problem if they don't like one another. As I mentioned to a friend last night, even the Taj Mahal is not a big enough place to live with someone you detest. Sometimes two birds just don't seem to hit it off it would seem.

Since the introduction, I have have watched all three taking turns feeding one another, playing together and sharing night perches.

I have not, however, seen any preening except between Bucky and Penske.


With Penske supervising, last night, I caught these fabulous photos! It would seem that the 'circle' is big enough for 3!

They were just adorable!

I am anxious for the time to see either Bucky or Penske preening Strider's head.


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Arlene said...

I love the look on Bucky's face. I think he likes it. :-)

Strider is really a good big brother. I think Penske is just a little shy.

The three amigos!

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