Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Showers - Again?

Nope - no showers again.... I think we've been down this road before!

It's been a couple of weeks now, and boy does her mother think she needs a shower, bad...

My opinion...

Apparently, she thinks differently!

And, she looks so pretty when she has freshly showered!

I really thought tonight might be the night. She followed me into the bathroom (walking on the floor) while I turned on the water. She seemed interested, and walked over to the tub. She even stepped onto the edge of the tub and caught some spray! Several times she leaned into the tub, and then stepped onto my hand. But the two times she stepped onto my hand, I slowly moved her toward the inside of the tub, and she immediately reacted.

She started to turn her head back. I am especially careful to watch her for the slightest change or sign of body language at times like this. My hand was not far from the tub edge, but I responded by moving my hand back to the tub edge. She responded by stepping off my hand onto the tub edge. Then she caught some more spray and seemed happy enough with that.

If she does not want to be lowered into the tub, and I either miss the body language, or ignore it, I run the risk of receiving a bite. I am highly motivated to stay on top of my watching body language skills.

So my efforts lie in presenting the opportunities. She must make the choice. And as I am certain all of you have experienced, often this is easier said than done! Especially when I am looking at a dusty bird! But, I persevere in presenting the opportunity.

She did get some spray, so that is something! After a few minutes I stood up and walked out of the bathroom, and she immediately flew after me to follow.

We will try again tomorrow....

Meanwhile, I think if this goes on much longer, I actually might be able to write
"wash me, I'm dirty"
in the dust on her back!

I'm looking forward to the time when I can see a wet bird again!



Arlene said...

At least she's just dusty. You'll know it's bad if she lifts her wings and you fall over. Whew!
Then you can really call her a little stinker. :-)

Eriisu-chan said...

It's kinda funny you should blog about that... Mr Tango had his first bath/shower in a few weeks, today, as well. To my defense, it was a tad chilly in the house and the only thing worst than a chilly bird is a chilly WET bird!

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