Friday, October 9, 2009

Intriguing News!

My mom discovered an intriguing piece of information about me recently! (Not to disappoint my loyal fan base, but I have nothing to gripe about tonight.) I know, I know... I actually tried to find something to gripe about, but my people have been treating me pretty good lately!

I've got my stash of rawhides filled with:

1) Snau'sages
2) Peanut butter
3) Kong cheese

Oh - I take that back... I got a bath tonight. But - who was the joke really on? You guessed it - my mom...

She turned her back while I was sudsed up, and I promptly jumped out of that jail cell they call a tub! Oh, it was so funny.... until she made me get back in. I was really bummed. And, she had a very annoyed look on her face while I shaking the suds off.... was I not doing her a favor, saving her the time of hosing me down AND going green by saving on water usage? Yeah -for that I get an annoyed look from her...

Oh - on to the intriguing news!

My mom has always assumed that I was part pit bull terrier and part basset hound. There are three types of bull terriers:

1) American Pit Bull Terrier
2) American Staffordshire Bull Terrier
3) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Well, as it turns out - I am a staffordshire bull terrier mix (staffie for short)! She began looking at breed pictures of all three, then she posted my pictures on three forums (one of each breed type), and the results were unanimous! Of course, we always knew I was part basset hound... duh...

So, do you know what being part staffie and part basset hound makes me?



Ok, I'll tell you!

Staffie plus basset hound = Staffet Hound!

Ok, now here's the icing on the cake.

Three days ago my dad was walking me down the mountain cliff (or so it seems when your legs are only 8 inches long) and a pickup truck passes us. It stops, backs up and rolls down the window.

I'm waiting for a biscuit to be thrown to me... I'm cute... I'm doing my circus dog trick... I'm not seeing any biscuit coming my way.... now I know that annoyed feeling my mom experiences....

The man in the pickup truck says to my dad,

"Hey - is that a staffordshire bull terrier"?


No one had ever nailed it (including the vet)! Although they cannot help but acknowledge that I am amazingly cute, extremely intelligent, great with words and typing, and handsomely irresistible....

Turns out this pickup truck driver knew a thing or two about the breed. Oddly, he didn't know right off about my basset hound side of the family! Isn't that a scream?! Of course, once my dad told him, he started shaking his head in an affirmative manner. We all got such a kick out of someone saying this when we just discovered it ourselves a couple of weeks ago! (I was even more shocked than them, because I thought I was human all along. I'm still not sure I should buy this "he's a dog" line they are feeding me...) What do you think?

So, that's my intriguing news of the day! I hope this finds all my friends, feathered and furred doing quite well! Cheers!



Anonymous said...

What a cute dog! I loved this post, it made me smile and laugh =]

Thank you,
-Corina from TB

hungeryjack said...

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