Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally a Shower!

It never ceases to amaze me how thrilled I can be by such small things as a wet bird! Coco finally took her shower tonight. She enjoyed herself, as usual. It was not as long of a shower as some, but enough to get the surface dust off and bring her back to her natural, gleaming beauty!

I may need to install a bird bath directly into Fort Coco... what do you think?!



Marianne said...

I see she has her comb there ready to fix her "hair" LOL!

Eriisu-chan said...

I think a nice little fountain in there would really be lovely. Good Feng Shui, you know!

Freda said...

I Agree on the fountain.
She looks so bright and lovely.

louara said...

A fountain would be nice for her and she would probably want to bathe more often.
I am so lucky with my budgie, she is the first budgie I have ever owned that actually asks for a bath! She flies and swoops over her "bathtub" until I fill it and give it to her and then she dives in. She bathes about 3 times a week and I have never had to prompt her to do it.

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