Thursday, October 22, 2009

Comfort is Everything!

I must admit - it should be apparent to all that I was built for comfort. It is how I keep my shiny coat and bright eyes... plenty of beauty rest!

While other dogs might show off their prowess on the agility track...
(... a bit difficult for me on 8 inch legs ...)

Others might demonstrate their ability to heed commands...
(... heck, the only word I know is 'sit', and that is if someone is holding a biscuit ...)

But when it comes to comfort - I am King!

So I have put together a collection of some of my best poses - in the resting position, of course! There should be a prize... and these are just a few of them!

Can someone ask my people to move this chair out of my way???!!!



Mary H. said...

Great photos! The last one with the chair is adorable.

Are you familiar with Laurie Luck's blog? She posted a video of one of her dogs recently that reminds me of these photos. I think you'd enjoy it.

Mary H.

Eriisu-chan said...

Pup Yoga, anyone? :)

Arlene said...

Oh Barney you little comfort hound.

It would seem that this is what Barney does best. :-)
I'll bet he got up from under that chair will all kinds of ring marks on his head.
Great pictures!

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