Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Clicker Carnival!

A carnival of multi-colored clickers? Nope - not quite!

Stale Cheerios is a blog site where the discussion of positive training techniques, clicker training and applied behavioral analysis take top billing across species lines. Blogger Mary came up with what I believe is a fabulous idea, and that is to elicit submissions of articles from blogs across the net that have one common theme - focusing on positive training methods no matter the critter - and feature them in a monthly 'carnival'. This allows her readers access to a wide variety of articles, all in one location. She has dubbed this the "Clicker Carnival".

And yes - yours truly submitted one of my September articles to this month's Clicker Carnival - Increasing Desirable Behavior - and it was included!

Take a moment to check out her site,
Stale Cheerios. I think you will find, as I have, that whether training a dog, a horse, a rat, a fish or a bird, it is the science of behavior that matters. We may read something written by a horse trainer that will give us an idea for something to utilize with our bird!

(Gosh, I sure hope no one writes about training tics though... unless they can train them (positively of course) to stop jumping onto Barney!)


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Mary H. said...

Thanks for helping promote the carnival!

I don't know about training ticks... although I do know Karen Pryor has trained crabs and the New England Aquarium has trained lobsters!



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