Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Bear Sighting!

Last night around 12:20 am, Steve saw the largest black bear he has seen in his life! And since he used to live in Colorado where black bears also resided, this is saying quite a bit. He estimated the male black bear at well in excess of 6 feet tall when standing up, and close to 500 pounds. He watched as he stood on his hind legs and licked seed out of the bird feeder pictured below. The pole on which the feeder sits is 6 feet high.

When he first saw him, he was so large (and it was dark), that Steve thought it was two bears! The females will travel in groups of two or three, and the males are usually seen alone.

Here are two angles of the bird feeder, both from the deck and then zoomed in:

I know, I know... the bear is not in either of these pictures!
Maybe next time!

We decided not to let Barney in on the surprise...
He would have just been out of control.

Before the bear left the area, he trashed a neighbor's fence about a half mile down the road. The fence, in fact, is at Jelly's house (Barney's girlfriend). So, Jelly will not be outside playing for awhile until that fence is fixed! Jelly's mom had just warned us when we were walking Barney on Wednesday night around 6:00 pm that a bear had been spotted in the area walking down the middle of the road. The wooden planks of their fence are completely shredded in one section, and the wire fencing on the inside of the fence was smashed to the ground as if the bear just stepped on it instead of over it.


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