Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No More Handicaps!

Bucky is now fully flighted!

This means the master fort maker has been able to 'un' handicap the budgie fort!

The flying is non-stop, and I'm really enjoying watching them have fun and learn the new traffic routes of the revised set up.

Of course, Bucky does have some catching up to do with his skill set, but he is highly motivated and has excellent mentors and incentives.

So all perches and stations have now been returned to its previous height.

(You would think that with all that room they wouldn't need to sit on top of one another maybe?! Apparently not!)



vi said...

is that a large screened flight or just screening over the glass of the windows

and tell your baby congradulations from us
no more handicaped birdie


Robin said...

It is a large flight my husband built which we call a fort. Coco is not enclosed, but the budgies are enclosed.

Arlene said...

Bucky must feel all grown up now. It's funny how they're not all good flyers at first. I'll bet Stryder is teaching him everything he knows.

Every time I see the fort I'm in awe. It doesn't get any better for those lucky little guys. :)

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