Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Nicky Met Rosie!

The Friends List Posts are a way we get to know one another's birds and hear their wonderful stories!


It is time for another 'Friends List' post!

Today's post is the story of how Nicky Met Rosie, as told by their mom, Arlene..
I know you will enjoy it as much as I did when I read it!

As all good stories begin....

Once upon a time....
there was a happy budgie couple by the names of Nicky and Guido. Although Guido turned out to be a girl, she was still our Guido. They were happy as larks (except for the usual night time ordeal when she turned into the notorious "Queen of the Cage").

On the morning of March 1, 2009, Guido was found laying at the bottom of the cage. There was no sign of injury. The day before she was happy and healthy.

Nicky was terribly distraught, and looked for her, calling non-stop. But his little friend would not return to him. All he could do was sit, looking around, calling to her. He quickly became quite sullen, perching himself near the window where he would quietly stare outside for hours. I imagined he was hoping against hope that she would come back. It was unbearable to see him so sad; we were all sad. This was the second friend he had lost.

We went right to the pet store in the hopes of finding another budgie that might be able to bring some light and happiness back into Nicky's life. There were perhaps seven or so birds. As watched them, we would think... maybe that yellow one? Maybe that green one over there? Maybe...

Then suddenly, we noticed a little one that was playing and just acting totally silly. A real clown! She wasn't what some might consider a rare beauty... but it seems you just know when it's right.

It didn't take us long at all to realize that this little bird was going to find a home with us. In the few minutes we had watched her antics, she had already made a path to the center of our grieving hearts.

We couldn't think of a name for her right off ... as is often the case.

But then suddenly - it came to us from out of nowhere... 'Rosie'. Yes, Rosie it would be! It seemed perfect!

Rosie was quite playful, happy and chirped quietly. In the days of quarantine, I do not believe Nicky even knew she was around.

Then came the happiest of days - the day for Nicky to meet Rosie! We could hardly contain our excitement! She was in her small quarantine cage, and when we placed it near his condominium, Nicky immediately leaned across the perch to visit her!

'Hey, little lady - want to move into my place?'!

Talk about instant karma - it was love at first sight as they say! New birds meeting for the first time can always be a little tense. But, not this time! The two met each other face to face, and haven't been apart since. In fact, I think I may have heard the theme from 'Love Story' playing softly in the background as they introduced themselves to one another!

Nicky had always been the quite shy guy, and rather afraid of everything. Playful, fun-loving Rosie was the mirror image of Nicky - and this turned out to be a a gift from God for him. In an instant, Rosie has turned our little Nicky into a different boy! Suddenly, he wanted to do everything that Rosie did!

I could have never imagined that Nicky would ever come to sit on our shoulder or hand. This had not been Nicky's way pre-Rosie. But when Rosie did it... suddenly, Nicky thought it was a great idea too! Now, not only do we have wonderful Rosie in our life, but it is as if we are getting to know Nicky all over again, bonding in ways we had never dreamed.

He also plays with toys now - something he had never done before, and even ventures to explore areas of the room where he previously had no interest. This new found curiosity, spurred by Rosie's support, is so enjoyable to watch. If Rosie does it, he does it! Each time I see him having fun, I still can't believe the change in him. He is so happy with her - what a difference she has made!

When they are in the cage napping together, Nicky now chirps and sings quietly to himself - just the happiest little budgie-man in town. I often think he may be singing his special lady and nap-time lullaby or perhaps their special love song. As soon as Rosie leaves his side for even a moment, he must find her. It is as if he is telling himself that he is not going to let this one get away.

Of course, at night Rosie (like Guido before her) demands her choice spot in the cage by pushing Nicky around until he settles in behind her. He might squawk for a second, but he always lets her have her way. I believe inside he is smiling from ear to ear.

Each night before they go to sleep, I am sure to tell them "Good night, I love you two". I never want to forget that they are not promised a tomorrow. Yet, each day that we share, and especially as I witness their mutual joy, I realize that to live each to the fullest is a blessing without compare.

I love you guys. I will always love you. Love never dies.




Arlene said...

Thank you so much Robin.

Freda said...

This was so wonderful to read.
Thank You for sharing this with us.

Arlene said...

Thank you Freda. They're pretty special.

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