Friday, September 4, 2009

Hide the Snau'sage?!

Whose idea was it to make me work for my snau'sage?

I think mom is taking this 'foraging' thing a bit too far, don't you?

Birds forage...

But I don't think dogs are meant to forage!

She stuck a snau'sage in my rawhide!

If only my tongue were a little longer...

I'm nuthin' if I'm not determined...

I can still smell it - I know it's down there somewhere.
Can someone lend me a thumb?

What does it mean when your people say, "That should keep him 'busy' for awhile?"

I've discovered that foraging is hard work!



Goldielover said...

Poor Barney. That looks like its even worse than the old peanut butter down the Kong trick!!


Arlene said...

Barney you're a determined little guy.
You worked so hard you just wore yourself out.

Tell your mom you weren't really getting bored and that she didn't really have to hide your snau'sage. :-)

I hope you eventually got it out and went nya nya. :)

Marianne said...

Poor Barney. You are so mean! You tell Barney he can come and live with Aunt Marianne and have all the snausages he wants and I won't hide them either!

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