Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bon Appetit!

I am happy to report that Strider, Bucky and Penske have decided they like vegetables! (Well, sort of...)!

I broke down and purchased a container of 'Beak Appetit' the other day. When we do these things, we can never quite be sure if it will be money well spent. I purchased the Apple Carrot Harvest flavor, especially designed for smaller birds (little chunks), and wow, was it a hit! It contains:

Cous Cous
Hulled Millet
Cracked Wheat
Rolled Oats
Rolled Barley
Red and Green Bell Peppers
Kelp Powder

Now, these are ingredients a mother can love - and all with no preservatives or words I cannot pronounce or identify!

For about an hour, the 3 boys eyed it - quite suspiciously.

This is an important part of the process.

It must first, and foremost, be determined that there are absolutely, positively no budgie-eating or budgie-killing ingredients in this bowl.

Apparently, one can never be too careful or cautious!

Strider was the first to try it. Then, monkey-see, monkey-do... it was a free for all! They ate and ate... Gosh, I loved seeing that!

Now I am able to add additional veggies and puree them together with the Beak Appetit... they'll never know it!

(Hmm... I sure hope they don't make me 'eat' my words!)

The 4 ounce container cost around $4.00. The directions call for adding water and microwaving in the container provided, cooling and serving, with the leftovers refrigerated up to a week or frozen.

Since my 3 are not going to consume large quantities of anything, and I prefer making fresh, I opened the sealed plastic bag, poured a couple teaspoons into a bowl, added about as much water as I would if I were making oatmeal, microwaved it for several minutes and then let it sit until completely cool. I closed the plastic bag, and sealed it in an additional zip loc bag for extra freshness.

Last night they received another helping, and this time they flocked to it immediately! Interestingly, the first thing Strider did was nab a nice chunk of red bell pepper and ran to his own private corner to savor his stash!

Such good little boys - I was so proud of them!

(I mean, once they were sure that it contained no budgie-killing ingredients...!)

I know many birds who love Beak Appetit, and many who will not touch it with a ten foot feather. For those of us with birds that love these products, it opens up a wonderful route to expanding their nutrition and variety of micronutrients as well!

Bon appetit to my Three Musketeers!



Marit said...

It's great they eat their vegetables now! :) All my birds LOVE veggies and fruit, and I never had any problem with them not eating it.. Must be difficult if they just don't touch it! Great they do touch it now, and even like it! :)

Anonymous said...

I will have to try it with my two, I'm trying to get them to eat healthy but they are seed fiends!

Lisa (Asily - TB)

Arlene said...

Good boys! Strider wanted to show the other guys that he was brave and wouldn't let them have anything that wasn't good. Such a good big brother he is. :-)
Hmm..I wonder how mine will like it. They're really picky except when it comes to their favorite veggies.
Keep it up boys. You're making your mom very happy.

Gladys P said...

My birds have tried some rice, but they are still seed lovers.

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