Saturday, August 29, 2009

When Gray Equals Green

Talk about the shock of a doggie's life...

I had one the other day. I haven't been this shocked since my mom almost fell on top of me (the night she broke her toe!) Now - that was shocking! Thank goodness she missed me! I am only now getting over that scare!

And, yes - I am still working the nanny-cam... I am on the job! She doesn't make a move that I don't see!
But - more important - I have a bit of news to report.
It's not good news, so just prepare yourself. You know about my local girlfriend? She lives at the very top of the mountain and her mom brings us vegetables from her garden. I wrote about her in one of my recent posts: Jelly.

Ooh-lah-lah, Jelly! I dream about her...

Well, dad and I were walking past her house the other day. I was happy; my tail was wagging faster than a locomotive, when suddenly:
I heard this somewhat familiar song. A whistle-tune.

I recognized it - the Andy Griffith theme song. Coco (aka The Green Monster, aka The Diva) is able to whistle this tune.
The only problem is, we were a good half mile away from Coco. My laser-ready ears told me something was amiss. This tune was not quite the same as I am used to hearing, and it was too nearby to be Coco.

That was when I looked up - toward the house where Jelly lives, and I got the second shock in two weeks. (Let's hope I get over this one faster than I am almost being crushed by my mom's falling body!)

On the b
alcony, behind the glass window, there it was...

A parrot!

Now, how can this be? While they say dogs cannot see colors (have they ever asked one of us?) - I can assure you that when it comes to parrots they are all the same. Gray, green - they are all feathered creatures that create a lot of noise and take attention away from important things (like dogs' needs).

I stopped. I performed a full body shake, and then re-focused.

Yep - it was still there. And, it was still whistling.
My eyes and ears were both working fine (unfortunately).

What is with the Andy Griffith theme song - is it like a classic or something?

Well, I hardly knew what to say or think.

I can tell you this: next time I see Jelly playing out in the yard, I'm going to be comparing notes with her.

I wonder - behind closed doors at her house, is that parrot in charge, too?

I will find out and report back!


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