Sunday, August 30, 2009

Robin and the 4 Pips

A number of you have asked me privately about the possibility of hearing the song I sang at my nephew's wedding. I have not yet been able to configure an upload of it, as it is on a DVD along with the rest of the service.

I have, however, uploaded a .wav file that I recorded in the bird room, just before leaving for Michigan. Actually, it might be better (?) than the wedding video since all 4 birds joined me in the accompaniment!

(I promise, they were stone-cold quiet until I turned on the recorder!)

Little limelight-hounds.... !

So, below is a link to the file. Hey - not all singers get to be accompanied by 4 'Pips', right? (If you are too young to know what a 'Pip' is, and you have never heard of Gladys, please do not admit that on the comment page! Geesh!)

The name of the song is "I Could Never Promise You", by Don Francisco (circa 1970's).

If the file asks you to open it, since it is a .wav file, it can be heard in any music player such as QuickTime, Real Player, Windows Media Player, etc.

And, without further ado - the 4 Little Limelight Hounds on cue!

I Could Never Promise You.WAV



Arlene said...

OMG Robin that was amazing! You have a beautiful voice.
But how could you not bust out laughing when the Pips started yelling. I thought I was going to hear cute little chirping, then at about 01:07 they start yacking.
Beautiful song, lovely voice, but I admit I started giggling when the Pips joined in. Sorry.
And didn't I hear Barney in the background? :-)
Thank you so much for sharing it.

Freda said...

Wow that was great.
Thank you for sharing it.

Goldielover said...

Midge and May were fascinated when they heard the Pips start screeching. So were the feral felines. Nice song.

Brandon said...

Oh my, Robin, that was amazing! You are such a great singer, you and the 4 pips (and just to bother you, I do not know what a pip is :P).

Marianne said...

I DO know who the pips are and they don't sound a thing like them, LOL!

But it was an interesting version. In person was even more amazing!

Weldon said...

I think I heard the pips in the background. Great job young lady!!

Robin said...

Gosh - someone quick - give Weldon the million dollar prize for calling an 'almost 50' year old woman 'young'! :D

Thanks for the kind comments, everyone - I shall pass them onto the Pip's agent... YES - they have their own agent now! :) LOL!

scotty said...

Not fer nothin Robin,but you sure were named right..... "Beautiful" oh...Maggie listened to you and turned her head back and fourth, with great interest,untill the pips let loose,

mom whats the birds doin in the

Jeff-Junkzoo said...

That was GREAT Robin! The Pips were pretty much on their mark, but the bigger Pip (of the Amazon variety)should probably pay more attention to timing and pitch LOL-J/K.(Mine has the same vocal"grumblings" when the others here are "singing"

Oh, BTW: you ARE young! (Mainly cuz i have the same amount of growth rings, and will not stand for being the only "old" person around here.

Thanks for sharing your angelic singing voice !
(working on my suck up points, with all the teasing i've been putting you thru LOL)

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