Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Muffin Papers All Around!

Those summer veggies I mentioned in a previous post have been making their way into an evening dinner bowl for Coco! Today's menu:

Yellow Squash
Banana Pepper

A Tablespoon of:

Blended With:
A Dash of Hemp Seed Oil

She finished nearly all I gave her! She does not consume large amounts of anything at one time, and I'm guessing today's dinner was approximately 3 tablespoons.

I suppose the neighbor's freshly picked, organically grown veggies are nearly the best I can get unless I grew them myself! As I have mentioned before, I have a fabulous, huge organic grocery store nearby, complete with bookstore and restaurant (larger than most average grocery stores) - Earth Fare.

Presentation does seem to make a difference with Coco, and preferences do seem to vary from time to time. Recently, 'diced' seems to be 'in'. So I have been using one of my favorite kitchen tools (the 'Chop'pah) - a little hand chopper that is fabulously quick and easy. A few days ago I mushed a small amount of fresh banana in her veggies, and I think she was especially appreciative! Banana is a big hit on her list, and a special treat. I like to think peppers add a nice 'zip' to any veggie mixture, held together by small amounts of hemp seed oil (a rich, balanced source of omega fatty acids). And, there are so many different types of peppers available.

I try to make each fresh meal slightly different. A small amount of crushed nuts, a bite of banana, or a dash of natural yogurt can make a refreshing difference. The ways to make a meal unique are endless.
Variety provides interest as well as different micro nutrients.

This is what a mom wants to see - a nearly empty bowl!

Some days we sit on the floor together as I join her for the meal, or she may receive a small, prize piece of banana that was frozen on a "popsicle" stick and then thawed prior to serving, or muffin paper treats. Once the nuts are eaten, the paper continues to provide some fun!

And now...

Coco demonstrates how to eat a 'muffin paper treat'!



Rachel said...

Nolan loves couscous too!!! :)

Eriisu-chan said...

-I- love coucou! I have some in the fridge, actually! *lol* I shared some with Tango last night and he seemed to enjoy it as well. =)

clifff123 said...

Coco is adorable, so pretty !!

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